Timesheet and Billing System


  AMBER-JCS - Demo Video Clips  
  Amber-JCS - OVERVIEW    
  Overview To demonstrate job profitability, and the Timesheet to Billing process  
  Timesheets The 3 Timesheet Formats  
  Sales Invoicing Generate sales invoices and invoice options  
  Sales Invoice Send Export invoices to PDF and send by email  
  Sales Invoice Write-Offs Write-off job costs from an invoice  
  My Dashboard Quick view on personal performance, budget to actual  
  Amber-JCS - ADDITIONS    
  Sage Link Posting of sales and purchase invoices into Sage 50  
  CRM Mailing To create and manage email broadcasts to your Amber contact database  
  Divisions Allocate jobs and sales invoices to different divisions/companies within your organisation  
  JobTime Remote Simple app to record timesheets or expenses, on a mobile phone or desktop  


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