Set Up Desktop or Laptop

  See the Demo Video for an initial overview Amber-EMS Home

    Depending on your browser, you may need to click past one or two security settings. E.g. you may need 'More Info' and then 'Run Anyway'. Please be assured we are a trusted provider. Ambersoft is a Microsoft Partner and a Registered Sage Developer (see, and the install file for Amber-EMS is digitally signed under Ambersoft Systems Ltd (and digital signatures require a validation process)    
    The software will be installed with an Activation Key for the FREE LITE version. At any time you may upgrade to for the LITE-PLUS single user license (10/month, with support, and no occasional advert banner at start-up); or upgrade to the PRO multi-user license (5/month/user, minimum 25/month, with support), which gives you the advantage of shared filing areas.    
    We hope you enjoy using the software. Even for a single user, we think you will find the ability to easily search the email history,  for both In's and Out's, for a single job or company (client, prospect, etc), will increase your personal efficiency. For good reasons, we all file away paperwork in a (hopefully) efficient manner - so why not emails?    
    Any queries please contact support at or on 00 44 (0)117 366 0484