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Amber Add-ons

Our add-ons can be implemented as a straightforward off-the-shelf solution, or as a platform for customisation by us to meet your particular needs.

This small app backs up one or more key files, to a different physical location. It focusses on key database files, which can be critical to a business. Depending on your set-up, it downloads a hosted SQL Server database to provide a local back-up; or uploads a local database (Access or SQL Server) to the cloud. A restore option is also provided.

This launches Microsoft Access and your Access application. Before the launch, it checks for any new Update, using a simple version number check. The Update is automatically downloaded from either a local server or a web site. The latter enables remote users to get automatic updates.

This is a simple Sage Link COM for Access VBA and other developers to link with Sage 50 Accounts. It can post invoices directly into Sage 50, which avoids the need to do cumbersome export/imports. It can also read Nominal, Customer and Supplier records from Sage 50.

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