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Access Programming

Why Access?
Microsoft Access is a fantastic platform for desktop database systems - if it is well designed and written. 

Why Ambersoft?
We specialise in Microsoft Access.
We offer simple design, fast screen loads and rapid support.
Ambersoft is a small software consultancy, started over 30 years ago. Our long track history includes corporates and one-man enterprises, but now we like to focus on SME's.

If you have an Access requirement, we can help you in the following areas:-

Your new Access Database System
We can write a fully bespoke Access database system for you, to fit your business.

We would apply our standard process, including Proposal, Specification Stage, Development Stage, and Support Stage. This is a tried and tested process, and we think far better than a Prototype approach.

Your Existing Access Database
We can both take-over the support on your existing system, and undertake any required enhancements.

Very often, an Access database has been written by someone relatively inexperienced in the field, and that person can in time move on. This can result in a system which has a poor underlying technical design, and which has little or no support. We may recommend some improvements, but we will aim to work within the current design, to minimise any on-going maintenance and enhancement costs.

We offer fast and personal support.

Fast response times and problem resolution can be a critical part of a database system. As you will see if you either call or email Ambersoft, a reply will usually be forthcoming within the hour, if not minutes. We can remotely access your desktop or laptop to investigate any issue, and expect to resolve most issues within that hour.

Upsize to the Cloud
We can migrate your data to the Cloud.

We can upsize your database to a SQL Server database 'in the cloud', so that you can operate the database from any Windows device from any location with an internet connection. The front-end part of your systems remains in Access, but the database back-end is upsized to SQL Server. Your current user-interface does not change.

We can link your Access database to third party software, such as Sage 50 and Microsoft Outlook

Typical Areas
  • Job Management
  • Sales Order and Invoicing
  • Quotation and Pricing
  • Management Reporting


Track Record
We have written bespoke database systems for a very wide range of industries, for companies ranging from one-man enterprises to large corporates.

"Ambersoft ensured that they got to understand the particular needs of our business before embarking on the customised system."

Tony Bowsher, UK Restaurant Manager, IKEA


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