Job Costing For Professionals and Contractors
Timesheets, Expenses, Purchases, Invoicing, Reporting

Who is Amber-JCS for?

There are two common configurations - one for Professsionals such as surveyors, architects, consulting engineers and building contractors; and one for Engineering Firms with a workshop. 

Here are some examples of issues which Amber-JCS addresses for certain sectors:-


Invoicing. JCS offers a variety of invoice formats. One example is the balance 'brought-forward' style. For projects with a long life span which is invoiced in several stages, which can be common to surveyors and consulting engineers, this format will automatically allow for balance remaining (i.e. total due less previous invoiced amounts)

Engineering Workshops

Mobile timesheets. The JobTime Remote add-on for mobile devices (E.g. Ipad) enables workshop staff to quickly and easily log their time on each job. The saved timesheets are immediately in the JCS database, and billing can become much quicker and simpler.


Job Tasks and Sub-Tasks (Stages) can be set up, to conform with RIBA guidelines. All time and expenses are then  allocated not just to a job but also to a Task or Stage.

Building Contactors

Job Sheets can be printed for on-site work. We can if necessary customise these job sheets to your precise requirements.

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