Job Costing For Professionals and Contractors
Timesheets, Expenses, Purchases, Invoicing, Reporting

Why a Job Costing Database?

Do you spend too long each month on invoice preparation? Do you know your true profit on each job, and the true performance of each fee earner?

In an ever more competitive world, efficiency in business is ever more important. Database software can drive more efficiencies into a business, particularly at the job level. It offers the opportunity to understand the financials of a job, and 'the job' is, after all, the key to the business.

More specifically:-

Job Profit

Having knowledge on each job profit can be crucial to the prosperity of a company. Future jobs can be priced better, and staff efficiency can be better managed.


Significant efficiencies can can be achieved through time-savings. Raising invoices in particular can be much faster and much simpler. A database can pull data around in different ways, from say a timesheet format to a sales invoice format - which helps to avoid a lot of re-typing and duplication of effort

Increased Billing

Any increase in the efficiency of capturing chargeable job costs should mean an increase in billed amounts

Cash Flow

A much simpler billing process can mean more regular billing, which means better cash flow. Billing committed costs before purchase invoices are actually received can also help cash -flow.

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